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Brief introduction to Chinese massage

Tui Na is a therapeutic massage that has been used in China for more than 2,000 years. The biggest advantage of Chinese massage is the fact that it maintains a balance of physical & mental health and can alleviate pain, so there’s no need to intoxicate your body with any drugs. It does not have any side effects and at the same time gives you a lot of pleasure.  I am a big fan of the massage therapy, because it helped me several times (sleeping problems, shoulder & neck pain) and I’d love you to enjoy the same benefits.

During my 3-year stay in China I’ve been attending many Tui Na massage sessions, and I’d love to share with you my knowledge on which places to go. It’s not always an easy choice, since a poorly performed massage can bring more harm to your body than benefits.

Outlook on Pleasure 4 Massage ( 4 hands massage)

Massage is my way to relax after a stressful day or alleviate the pain of shoulder & neck. 2 hands massage is a blissful experience, but 4 hands massage takes you right to heaven. Pleasure 4 (4 hands massage) was one of the most exciting experience I ever had in a Beijing SPA place called – Humming Bird.

Great synchronization

Before the treatment started I chose from one of the massage oils: sandalwood, lemongrass or lavender. The aromatherapy oil massage was delivered to me simultaneously by 2 highly trained therapists. I was surprised how synchronized their movements were. For an hour they have been massaging my body without a moment of hesitation in which direction their hands should go, even though they massaged my legs and arms alternatively, movements were always smooth and decisive. They were even fully synchronized during rolling up my shorts or towel from my back. All of this in complete, soothing silence. Pretty impressive and very relaxing.

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A combination of a Traditional and Modern Massage…

The therapists in Humming Bird generally combine traditional massage techniques with the contemporary ones. Stronger, professionally performed traditional Chinese massage based on pressing blood points works better if you suffer from muscle pain. But if you only need to relax after stressful day, there’s no need to press too hard. That’s why Humming Bird therapists will always craft something special for your needs. And though Humming Bird generally offers softer massages, 4 hands massage it’s a combination of Traditional Chinese massage and a modern massage.

The entire treatment included the head, neck, hands, arms, shoulders, stomach, legs and foot massage. First part of the massage you lie on you stomach, the second one while you’re on your back. At the end of the massage therapists will stretch gently your muscles while you’re sitting on the bed.



  • Improved circulation
  • Relieved stiff muscles
  • Reduced stress
Anna Recommends Humming Bird’s Pleasure 4 massage!
  • It’s a blissful massage, which is pretty light, but still brings positive effects. Since it combines Chinese massage with more contemporary techniques  I felt not only relaxed, but also relieved as the pain in my shoulder & neck was gone.
  • If you’re generally afraid of having painful massage Humming Bird is the place to go.
  • Humming Bird offers Privilege Membership cards that can give you up to 30% off massage services.
Price of the treatment:
  • 60 mins – 538 RMB /90 mins – 798 RMB

Unit 102-2, Park Avenue Lifestyle Mall, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Nanlu




Opening hours:

Daily, 10am – 11pm


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