My Asia in 222 seconds

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I have crafted this short video to address all questions you often ask me on social media – Where did I go in Asia? What did I do there?

I squeezed in my story in 222 seconds to give you a rough idea what was going on in my life. Suffice to say…it was the most exciting time ever and it opened the whole new, amazing chapter in my life. For sure, one of the best decisions in my life was to leave for China!

Chapters of “My Asia in 222 seconds”

Traditional Chinese Medicine

While In China I worked hard and often pull all-nighters. I am not going to lie,  working in technology gets intense these days. In the result, I experienced some sleeping problems and this is how I discovered the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I went through amazing acupuncture sessions and became so hooked, that not only I decided to implement TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diet and lifestyle in my life but also I started to take TCM lessons. If you want to learn how to relax at home and get a better night time sleep, I suggest you start with this article:

Can’t sleep? Try these foods…

If you want a general introduction to TCM to see how it is going to benefit your life, check out these articles of mine:

Yin Yang, Introduction to Chinese Medicine.

Qi & Longevity, Introduction to Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage was one of my favorite activities in China. It is relaxing and rejuvenating. Not mentioning that is also a great way to practice your Chinese…yes, masseurs tend to be very chatty and they want to know everything about you! Like EVERYTHING. Including the older sister of your’s mother’s son in law profession!

Learning Chinese

Honesty? It is difficult! The most difficult language I have ever learned. If you are interested in learning Chinese, check out how I managed to learn some Chinese while working full time and keep traveling HERE. More articles on how to improve Chinese coming soon.


I worked in the computer games industry in Beijing for 3-years. It was a hard work, but the experience you get by working in China, is invaluable. If you have a chance to work in China, don’t think twice. Take this chance, because your career might take off from there!

Apart from work, I had an occasion to travel around China, and I am going to share more on specific locations like Sichuan, Hong Kong, Taiwan in the separate post later on. You can help me a bit by letting me know what location would you love to read about 🙂


Definitely, pollution was the main reason why I left China. Unfortunately, I was one of the people who had problems in dealing with the high pollution rates and my health was deteriorating. One of the thing that helped me out in alleviating the symptoms of pollution while I was living in Beijing was TCM. Beijing is a real hub of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  – you probably won’t have an occasion to experience more native TCM service anywhere in the world, other than Beijing. Soon, I am going to share more suggestions on how to deal with living in polluted cities and how to detoxify your body.


This is a whole new chapter in my life….so important and meaningful that it deserves a separate video, if not the entire blog series in order to describe it all! Stay tuned for more articles and vidoes on the stunning Taiwan.

I need your feedback guys!

Let me know what part of my Asian story you are interested in the most, and I will share more insights with you on a specific topic 🙂