6 real advantages of Asian men

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There are so many prejudices concerning dating Asian men  including, but not limited to:

Asians act like the macho men

Asians are traditional

Asians are jealous

Asians are nerdy

Asians listen a lot to their parents (we all know Tiger Mums, right?)

Asians are too gentle and too caring 

…and so on and on…[Yawn]

Every time I read these “statements”, I want to ask if is there any real data proving them? Are Asians nerdier than Polish guys? Or more jealous than Americans? And what about being too caring? How would you even define that? There are way too many guys in this world who don’t care about your feelings, so “too caring” or “too gentle” is not the worst thing that could happen to you in a relationship? 🙂

The way I look at the Asians is a mix of data and my own experiences that I went through while living over 3 years in China and 6 months in Taiwan and after being married to an Asian guy for a few years now.

My experience was mostly positive, so I am going to step out and show you the benefits of dating and marrying an Asian man. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the needs and expectations of a woman. What worked out for me, it is what worked out FOR ME.  It is highly subjective.  If this going to help you in being more open-minded, I am happy for you. If not, I wish more power to you and I hope you will find your happiness with non-Asian 🙂

Anyhow,  let’s get started with 6 real advantages of Asian men.


 #1 Asian men are good at math


Many women that I know are not good at math, so they need a little bit of guidance sometimes. It is good to have someone who is complementary in your relationship so that together you can create a dream team. Great math skills not only come in handy in simple, daily situations like planning your monthly budget, but they are very important when you take important business decisions regarding investments like buying a house. Math skill is not the most romantic thing in the world, but if you are a practical lady, you will appreciate it!

Now, let’s explore some numbers on how well Asians perform at math. Do you know Pisa? Not the famous tower in Italy! Pisa that stands for Programme for International Student Assessment – a test administered to 15-year olds in 65 countries. Did you know that this test routinely demonstrates, East Asian nations outperform the rest of the world on maths tests by a significant margin? According to Pisa results seven out of ten TOP countries in math were Asian: Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea.




Also, universities from China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore have made it into the top ten and/or number one spots of the 2016 version of the QS World University Rankings by the subject report. Not bad, right?

 There is a strong math culture in Asia probably connected to Confucian values of practicing and putting in an effort. Citing a Confucian concept.

“There is a very different kind of pleasure, a sense of achievement that can be obtained after a period of hard work.”

I think there is an incredible value of honing math skills as we will need more math and programming skills with the further development of STEM industries.  It is obvious that math is important in these fields, but what is more interesting is that many traditionally no-so-math-oriented professions like for example marketers started to recognize the power of math as well. Math is becoming the growing part of their job as they need it to generate more sales through analyzing data. Who does not need math now? I am seriously asking you. If you know the answer please let me know below. 


#2 Asian men focus on financial stability

fabian-blank-78637 Financial stability does not necessarily mean someone is rich! It just boils down to saving more than you spend. The East Asian culture is still predominantly about making a living by hard working and saving. According to World’s highest saving rate, China has savings of more than 50% of its GDP and more than 30% of disposable income are saved. If you are a woman who focuses on doing business and investing money you probably understand the value of saving or the meaning of the lean entrepreneurship by now.  There is also a chance that you will be a good match for a practical Asian guy.  However,  if you’re still not convinced by the concept of saving and you find it boring listen to what Tony Robbins says about saving: 

“As a species, we’re not only wired to choose today over tomorrow, but we hate to feel like we’re losing out on something. The bottom line is, if we feel like we’re losing something we avoid it, we won’t do it. That’s why so many people don’t save and invest. Saving sounds like you’re giving something up, you’re losing something today. But you’re not.” – Tony Robbins

In the era of the Internet, there is plenty of ways to generate streams of passive income in order to have more money to save and invest. You should check out the techniques of Patrick Chan, the best selling author of WakeUp Millionaire. He is pretty good at it.


#3 Asians age like fine wine


First, many Asians are health conscious, they eat and live healthy lives (less alcohol, eat more organic veggie and fruits, less meat) as they follow the indications of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  When you go to the parks in China or Taiwan you will see plenty of people doing gymnastics or practicing qi gong (btw, I wrote about the power of cultivating your health HERE). When you traveling by buses and subways, you will spot plenty of people grabbing a quick afternoon nap, which is also a healthy habit of many Asians (I also wrote about the nap already, check it out HERE).

All the things I wrote about above are what Asian men choose to do to maintain their healthy lifestyles, but what about their genetics? The study shows that just being an Asian, gives you few advantages in maintaining a younger, healthier look! The secrets of young looking Asian men include:

Darker, more oily skin

Everyone who has at least one one good Asian friend or lived in Asia, know that Asians love white skin. There is a lot of products on the market that make your skin look lighter. It is their fetish! On the flip side, darker skin is healthier. So, Asian should be actually grateful for the darker skin tone! Experts distinguish six skin types based on the color, from the palest type I (Caucasian with blond hair and light skin) to the darkest type VI (ethnic African) According to webmd.com “People of type IV or higher have more melanin in their skin protecting them from the sunlight”, therefore people with darker skin tone are less prone to damaging UV radiation that destroys folic acid or causes DNA mutation in some skin cells causing skin cancer. The study suggests that people with darker skin not only have a far lower chance of skin cancer than lighter-skinned people, but they also can preserve better- looking skin longer.

Asian special facial features 

Asian facial shape makes them look younger because of the specific location of fat. For example, Asians have more fat around the eyes or around the mouth, which prevents wrinkles in that areas.  Fewer wrinkles around mouth and eyes obviously result in a smoother look. Other experts claim that also the anatomy itself plays an important role in obtaining younger looks. The smaller eyes, thinner lips, higher cheek bones and shorter forehead make Asians look younger.


#4 More cute, smarter mixed baby


While working in Beijing, I heard Chinese people praising the idea of having a mixed baby “Oh, mixed babies are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute…and smart too!”  At first sight, you might think that generally all kids are cute, but looks like there is a scientific proof to what Chinese say. Study on genetic diversity shows that the children of parents who are more distantly related are generally taller and smarter than their peers. The study suggests that height and intelligence may be increasing because more people are marrying people from more distant parts of the world, like Asia. The study, published in the journal Nature says that while factors such as better schooling and nutrition are generally crucial, increased genetic diversity was a significant factor as well.  So if you are a white woman, dating an Asian man, it can result in having a baby blessed with awesome traits, because your genes are very different. Isn’t that great? Read what the scientists say:

“There has been speculation ever since Charles Darwin that genetic diversity would be beneficial in terms of evolutionary fitness. We think genetic diversity decreases the chances of inheriting defecting copies of the same gene from both father and mother,” said Peter Joshi, first author of the study, The Independent reported.



#5 Asian men are more straightforward


 This is not what you probably hear about Asians, right? Well, I am polarized here, because Asians can be very straightforward but at times also very diplomatic….I observe that in public situations they tend to be more diplomatic (if they well educated), and in private situations and in a relationship they tend to be very straightforward. I think they maintain a healthy balance though!

Let’s come back to the straightforwardness of Asian men in a relationship. Asian men who approached me in China or Taiwan were very open about their financial status as well as their intentions.  I had no doubts that they liked me because they communicated it very clearly. To give you an example here’s the exemplary conversation or messaging with an Asian guy ( I got plenty of this on my social media and LinkedIn):

“You’re cute and I like you a lot! I am 36 years old, and I have a stable job.  I earn 20k RMB per month. I have an apartment in Beijing (third ring), and I am interested in a serious relationship. I would like to have a child this year.”

Plain sailing, right?

Some people might say, “Well, that’s not romantic at all! or “Well, it seems so desperate of them!”  and they might be right because this sounds more like a business negotiation than trying to start a romantic relationship… From the other side, this level of honesty makes things easier for two people who search for a serious relationship and who are tired of playing games. Would not be life just easier if people in a romantic relationship express their intentions in a more honest way? If you are a 30+ woman, who is searching for a reliable partner to have a child with, you don’t want to risk committing to a person, who after 3 years of serious dating is still not ready to have a child.  Starting a family is a serious matter and since, unfortunately, women cannot wait too long to have kids (unlike men), being honest about plans, aspirations or deal-breakers is probably the most beneficial for both partners.

#6 Asian men will introduce you to the fascinating culture


asianCultureAsia is stunning. It really is. The culture, the traditions, everything. Who will show you better the natural and historical beauty of Asia if not a local? Not mentioning that if you don’t know  Mandarin Chinese you might have trouble in traveling to more remote places as many people don’t speak English there. Thanks to locals I discovered the best food in small local sweat shops or night markets, I spotted the hidden pearls not yet invaded by tourists and what’s most important: I understand more about the unique Asian culture. I drove 16 hours to the south of China to participate in a traditional Nanjing wedding and went all the way long to Taiwan to mourn the death of the close relatives, wearing the traditional white clothes and being surrounded by thousands of flowers which scent made my head spinning. You will experience Asia to the fullest through these beautiful moments, so let the local guide you. Asian men can be great guides so you will have a lot of fun too. 



Final thoughts…

I admit, there is some truth to that some Asian men are less chatty than white guys. However, they are definitely not less charming! Maybe the Asian guys who have more technical professions should invest a little bit more in their social skills, like dancing or public speaking. I would definitely recommend them a proven method of developing their public speaking skills by participating in a Toastmasters Club (it is an educational organization that operates clubs worldwide to help people in developing their public speaking and leadership skills) or trying more alternative and faster methods by catching up with a relationship coach. There are plenty of coaches over the Internet who will show you how to interact with women. If you feel like talking to women is not your strength maybe it is time to check out some coaching session with Brent Smith, dating and relationship coach who provides life advice. Whatever you choose, I wish you success.

There will be always white girls having a bad experience with dating or marrying an Asian guy, AND there are white girls happily dating or being married to Asians. As polarized as it sounds, it is actually true! Keeping a good, healthy relationship is a difficult thing, no matter what race you date with and different people will have very different experiences.  All you need is

more patience

more understanding

less egoism.

Leave your feedback below, thank you for reading!

  • Jack Dong

    hi Anna,u make a depth analysis of Asian guys.about the gentle character, I ever traveled in Taiwan,so I believe Taiwanese is more gentle than mainland guys,they looks more like traditional Chinese. about the math,yes,Asia countries make a successful basic math culture,it is helpful in daily life, though they didn’t produce many creative mathematician.