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Ivy J Fashion Designer, Tips on healthy living

Ivy J Fashion Designer, Tips on healthy living

Ivy J, Founder of Louder Whisper大声细语

IvyIvy is a Beijing based fashion designer, life stylist, color and pattern lover. She also happens to be my good friend who lends me designed by her, stunning outfits for annareco.com photo sessions.

Her inspiration can be everything in life, she has an eye and a heart to sense the beauty in common life, and the beauty mixed with her passion always turn out in the pieces she created. Ivy used to work in fashion industry for several years as a marketing professional, but her dream to become a fashion designer since she was 6 years old promote her to create her own fashion label Louder Whisper 大声细语 in 2014, LW’s vision is to build up women’s confidence and beauty inside out, to be the best of themselves and to love and impact.

Today she is giving us few tips on healthy living in Beijing…

Pollution, crowd, work pressure…

First of all, it definitely will impact you! But in which way- it up to you. Sometimes you feel like it really drags you down, but I have to say nothing and nobody will really drag you down, unless you allow it yourself.

How did you deal with it…?

Each day I learn to put my eyes/mind/heart on the beautiful things around me and to be grateful for people in my life. It’s essential to keep working on the things you love too, which in my case is fashion design and styling. Traveling and mediating help me to be peaceful. These years I’ve really learnt of letting go of things, deciding what is the most important part of my life.

What exactly did you change in your life to make it better & healthier…?
I do learn cooking by myself !  Self-made food is always healthier than dining out, meanwhile cooking really makes me happy. Not mentioning the fact that it brings happiness to the people around me too. Besides, I think that it makes a woman also more attractive. Avocado salad is one of my favorite self-made dish!
Another tip is to keep your skin healthy. Get yourself a really good make-up remover, as the pollution, PC and mobile screens are all around you, not only in Beijing… a good make-up remover will remove the dirt you’re exposed to during the day, let your skin breathing. I like the make-up remover from Bifesta, because you can easily get it at 7-11 convenient store at a very reasonable price. Lastly, go to bed as early as possible and always get up with a smile!
What activity in Beijing would you recommend…?

I mainly go swimming as it balances my body and relax my back & neck.  I also go to Chinese massage treatment for my neck and back once a week. I use TCM, when under big pressure or having the hormonal problems (when I get a lot of acnes on my face!). It helps, but  I have to say it won’t help you permanently, the most important thing is to change your lifestyle and your life attitude!

Thank you Ivy!

Ivy J, Founder of Louder Whisper大声细语

Below you can see some of Ivy’s unique designs. For start – a Black & White houndstooth wool mini dress with Yellow wool detail on the shoulder and back. Suitable for daily work and casual occasion.

IMG_2836-with watermark-s

And then one of my favourite designs of Ivy: pastel, rainbow like, multi-color checks silk jacket, can wear as a dress as well. Perfect for daily work.

IMG_1733-with watermark-s

A neat combination of Black & White stripes silk top and Yellow high-waist silk pencil skirt with detail on the waist. Suitable for daily work and party.

IMG_1515-with watermark-s

Ivy plays with Black & White patterns using it for 3 different creations. Black chiffon blouse and Black & White checks high-waist skirt. Ideal option for daily work and party again.

IMG_2534-with watermark-s

This is my evergreen and it should to yours as well if you’re a young professional! Black & White checks silk jacket and high-waist pants with Yellow silk lining and details on the elbows and waist. Great style for a daily work and for a business meeting.

IMG_2263-with watermark-s

This one you’ve  already on her profile picture.  Chic Multi-color checks silk jacket that you can wear as a dress too. Suitable for daily work.

IMG_2146-with watermark-s

Sophisticated, colorful floral print silk and Black satin cocktail dress with floral print silk lining and detail on the back. Who would not wear it for a party or a special occasion?

IMG_3235-with watermark-s

 Colorful floral print silk and Black wool coat, reversible wear. Suitable for daily work and party. I wear it here (just on the reversed side:) Both versions looks simply stunning.

IMG_3286-with watermark-s

If you love her design as much as me start following her Instagram @louderwhisper or contact her louderwhisper@163.com

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